Litigation and Arbitration

Forvis Mazars represents and assists its domestic and foreign clients on a wide variety of complex commercial and tax disputes involving multiple claims and parties before the various tribunals and courts in its local jurisdictions. It also represents major groups and banks as well as governments in proceedings before the European Courts.

The firm advises its clients in order to better define and implement their litigation strategy, assesses litigation risks and proposes preventive solutions, including mediation procedures. If necessary, the firm litigates disputes aggressively but remains very sensitive to the need in many cases to solve disputes in an amicable way, allowing commercial relationships to be maintained.

Forvis Mazars' team works closely with the firm's other practice areas to develop compliance initiatives in order to help its clients reduce their litigation risk.

Its litigation expertise covers various areas of practice, including in particular:

  • General commercial litigation (contractual disputes, commercial torts, etc.)
  • Litigation relating to distribution law (termination of contracts, disputes arising during the reorganization of distribution networks, etc.) with an emphasis on automotive distribution
  • Corporate litigation (conflicts between shareholders, liability of managers, enforcement of guarantees covering liabilities, etc.)
  • Insolvency and bankruptcy proceedings
  • Industrial litigation (product liability claims, product risk, product safety, etc.)
  • Banking and finance litigation
  • Real estate litigation (liability of constructors, commercial leases, etc.)
  • Employment litigation (collective and individual disputes, etc.)
  • European and antitrust/competition litigation and
  • Tax litigation

Forvis Mazars has also extensive expertise in international and domestic arbitration, acting either as counsel or arbitrator. The firm assists its clients at the various steps of the arbitration proceedings, both in institutional arbitration (such as ICC arbitration) and in ad hoc procedures.