CEE Business Services Summit & Awards

Mazars will be attending the CEE business services summit & awards in Warsaw, during 8 - 9 March.

CEE business services summit & awards is a 2-day event, where officials from more than 15 cities across Central Europe, share knowledge about the shared services sector, can answer key questions, and connect to the right people within the sector.

Awards Gala and Summit attendees will include more than 250 top executives from currently-operating business services centers in CEE.

Prominent speakers from leading regional carriers will shed light on their success stories as well as how to adopt new accounting technologies. Notably, participants will be able to access a wide source of knowledge from the different markets and learn from the experience of other industries and peers from all over the CEE region.

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The event is organized by the European Business Services Association and sponsored by Mazars.

The award gala is also audited by the Mazars Polish team.

Key topics

Day 1:

  • Nomination showcase presentations
    • (10 min only) presentations give you insights into best-practices from top, short-listed BSCs across the CEE region.
  • Hyperautomation in GBS and Shared Services
  • Immersive VR: Digitalizing your onboarding and training processes to revolutionize your results. Case Studies and Demo
  • Insights into 3 world-class workplace models

Day 2:

  • How Leadership Development in CEE is essential to drive truly global transformation.
  • Navigating from 1-process SSC to Multi-process, world-class GBS. Tips and techniques for expanding your services portfolio.
  • Getting started in GBS in Europe: Entry options, risks, benefits, locations.
  • Is a new operating model emerging? How "thin-layer" SSCs are overseeing outsourced services providers.
  • A New Hierarchy of Needs at Work: New Research shows how workers have changed and how the workplace needs to change, too.
  • Becoming "Anti-Fragile": Adapting your GBS strategies in an age of uber-disruption, uncertainty, and geo-political risks.
  • Enabling Technology - Process Intelligence. Gaining process excellence and transparency unveiling your system data potential.
  • The Next Generation: How rapidly-developing technology will revolutionize business models, and transform operating processes. The relentless forces of AI, immersive technology, and advanced Robotics.

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