Change management

Creating lasting success through leadership

In an era of accelerating change where companies face constant disruption, change leadership is essential to ensure your organisation stays ahead of the pack. Utilising a robust change leadership strategy in place, organisations can adapt quickly to new technologies, new business models, and industry change. At Forvis Mazars, we can help lead your business through change by keeping talent focused, high-performing and happy in helping achieve your business objectives.


Our approach

When businesses go through a major change or transformation, earning buy-in from your people is crucial. The greatest success comes when you place your people at the centre of everything you do, so to ensure successful transition for your employees, we create a vision they can understand and will embrace. The goal is to paint a picture of the change with as much clarity as possible and lead them through the future uncertainty. Successful change happens when people are clear on the reason for change and are committed to the outcome.  

We believe in a work style that is proactive and collaborative. Our strategy, process, and human capital skills team up with your own organisation to help everybody involved understand what’s in it for them – the classic ‘what’s in it for me’ (WIIFM). This is an integral aspect during periods of transformative change to drive optimal organisation performance. Our professionals leverage years of deep cross-industry and consulting experience, equipping you and your team with the professional strategies, techniques, methods and tools required to effectively lead the organisation through change.

We start the organisational change journey by doing the heavy lifting for you – defining your 'before and after', identifying your stakeholders and analysing the precise impact on your tools, business processes, organisation and culture. What follows is the true value of Forvis Mazars' change leadership services, as we demystify the complexity and weight of the subject, distilling it into something stakeholders can engage with. We don't apply a 'one size fits all' approach, but instead we consider the culture and change appetite of an organisation and work as a partner to embed changes which will have generate long lasting successful change impact rather than a short-term shock.

Our involvement can span from working with the board on an initial strategic change readiness assessment to creating and implementing a communications plan with organisational leaders – we differentiate ourselves by delivering practical change that our clients experience. We can also help build KPIs and other metrics to provide high-level feedback on progress.

At Forvis Mazars, our ambition is to help clients deliver lasting change. As a global organisation, we are able to solve our client’s change challenges in a holistic manner, leveraging our international depth and reach while also offering local market knowledge. As well as the cultural aspect of change, we have the expertise to communicate directly with the operational areas of your business, whether that's legal, audit or IT departments. This ensures we achieve complete buy-in from those experiencing the change and putting the change into action.


Our services

  • Change readiness assessments and stakeholder engagement
  • Change management planning, design and development
  • Communication strategy, planning and execution
  • Digital tools for management of complex consultations
  • Workforce transition management and execution; for example, through workshops


Our tools and solutions

Our approach to change management, while rooted in current academic research, is also founded upon practical change techniques and tools that help drive sustainable change. We also conduct leading-edge research such as Board Leadership of Corporate Culture in Europe in association with Board Agenda and INSEAD, which illuminated the mismatch between words and actions at board level on cultural change.

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