Process automation and digitalisation

A strategic, cutting edge approach to increasing efficiency

The latest generation of automation tools are changing the way companies manage their business processes. For companies seeking an edge over their competitors, they can help to dramatically increase accuracy, boost performance and cut costs. They also mean employees can focus on more value-added work, which is important as talent seeks jobs that are more strategic and meaningful. We can help you put in place intelligent automation that transforms your organisation.


Our approach

Process automation tools are expanding the range of administrative tasks that can be processed by robots, reducing costs and freeing up skilled staff for more challenging projects across finance, sales, HR and the back office. At Forvis Mazars, we advocate a strategic approach in order to maximise a realistic return on investment.

Digitalisation of paper processes may be a starting point. This not only opens the door to robotic process automation (RPA), it can also lead to solutions such as outsourcing or shared service centres. We believe in following a multi-step automation strategy that starts with concepts and strategic opportunities, then moves through to vendor selection, pilot projects, and full deployment. This allows an organisation the time to adjust to a technology that can have a profound impact on the workforce. This is especially the case as machine learning is giving RPA the skills to adopt more ‘human-like’ decision-making, coping with exceptions and learning from experience.

We also work alongside our management consulting teams to help with the cultural change process that helps process automation succeed. 


Our services

  • Proof of Concept (POC). This is the first step in starting your RPA journey. POC involves analysis, design and implementation of one or a couple of processes to demonstrate RPA capabilities in your business. This provides an opportunity to test robots in real situations and environments and verify that it delivers to your needs and expectations. You will have a fully functional process automation in 3-6 weeks.
  • Opportunity assessment. This type of engagement involves assessing processes, analysing data, facilitating workshops and calculating business cases to build a prioritised pipeline for process automation. It might include assessment of suitable RPA tools for your organisation as well.
  • Selection of RPA platform. Based on assessing your requirements and our extensive knowledge and market overview, we can advise you on selecting the right RPA tool for your business and situation.
  • Full scale implementation. End-to-end delivery of RPA automation in your organisation includes analysis and optimisation of processes, preparation of procedures for robots, development and testing of RPA scripts and deployment to the live environment. Depending on the complexity, this usually takes 2-6 months to deliver.
  • Maintenance. We provide you with ongoing support after go-live, adjusting the robots to reflect changes in your systems or processes as they occur.
  • Set-up of Centre of Excellence (CoE). We can help you to build an RPA CoE within your organisation to ensure you are maximising the value delivered from RPA. This involves setting up the methodology, organisation, processes, roles and technologies to be used within the CoE, implementing the CoE and assuring quality of its delivery.
  • RPA as a managed service. We can host parts of the RPA process in our cloud environment, reducing complexity and maintenance for your team.


Our tools and solutions

We are proudly independent of any RPA platform and can select the best solution for each client. However, our partnerships with leading RPA vendors means software can be sourced at a discount and without the need to enter into a complex contractual relationship with a vendor.


Our people

Our global RPA centre of excellence ensures you have leading edge expertise on tap.

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