Forvis Mazars in India survey | My perspective- India 2021

2020 has undoubtedly been a revolutionary year for all of us, as we dealt with a novel and unforeseen reality we had never thought of before. While it was a year full of challenges, it was also one of reflection, giving us time to step back and see a fresh perspective to life and everything around us.

2021 will now be a year of getting back into action and re-developing things into the “new normal” in full swing. Prospects are re-opening, attitudes are changing, and the pulse is intense.

Forvis Mazars in India has accordingly conducted a pulse check across the Indian periphery, trying to specifically understand the views of the “common man.”

Our survey, “My perspective – India 2021” aims to garner insights from people across age groups, educational attainment, professions, and positions in their respective organizations, taking their opinion on the economic and social outlook for 2021. It is a study made by the people and for the people.

We heartily thank everyone who participated in the survey and hope it presents insightful information to all.

That being said, just as our pulse rate changes from time to time, so does our pulse perception. In a time where nothing is certain or clearly predictable, no outlook or perception can be set in stone. It is our goal to make calculated guesses as to what the future beholds and at the same time remain open to change.

Wishing wonderful surprises and positive developments for the rest of 2021!


My perspective- India 2021