Growing with purpose: 2020/2021 annual report

As the world begins to emerge from the pandemic, the call for a more sustainable future has never been stronger. Businesses are facing increased pressure to grow more responsibly and sustainably, and Mazars remains more committed than ever to answering this call.

2021 was an excellent year for Mazars in terms of our business and financial performance, reflecting the strength, balance and sustainability of our integrated business model and long-term strategy to invest in a suite of core, high-quality audit, tax and advisory services that help our clients and our firm grow confidently and responsibly.

Growing with purpose: our story

growing with purpose

Beyond financials, responsibility and sustainability have become important foundations of business performance and are vital to build confidence and trust in markets, corporations and public institutions. Mazars has always been guided by its founding principles: to act responsibly, in the public interest and for future generations. We take this commitment seriously, walking the talk and investing where it matters for our people, clients and society.

Find out more about our strategy, the role we play in setting the economic foundations of a new growth and trust contract and how Mazars is growing with purpose here.


Excellent business and financial performance in 2020/21

business and financial performance

Mazars reported fee income of €2.1bn in its 2020/2021 financial year (1 September 2020 – 31 August 2021), representing a 12.3% increase (excluding forex impact of -1.6%) compared to the previous financial year. Beyond financial performance, these numbers reflect Mazars’ strong position and balanced strategy of growing responsibly, with ESG being an essential part of Mazars’ vision and commitment for long-term growth.

For more details, read our press release and 2020/21 financial statements here.


Mazars for good


2021 has been a significant year for Mazars in terms of advancing on CSR and sustainability. Our sustainability report, published for the third consecutive year, reaffirms our commitment to building the foundations of a fair and prosperous world. Our focus has been on strengthening our strategy and refining our action plans, relying on valuable data that has helped us understand where we stand, determine where we want to be, and the change we want to create. We have learnt a lot and we will leverage this to continue our efforts to contribute positively to systemic change in the way our society functions, on how to take steps towards net zero and how to act as a true change agent for future generations.

Read more about our commitment to sustainability in our report here.


Group 2020/2021 transparency report

2020/2021 transparency report

The Mazars group 2020/2021 transparency report seeks to demonstrate our unwavering commitment to transparency, accountability and integrity. Collectively, we have taken Mazars to the next level, becoming a truly global group with a genuinely independent and integrated model. As we close the chapter on our Next20 strategic plan and move forward with our One24 programme, our goal is to clearly anchor Mazars as one of the leading international audit, tax and advisory firms, with a long-term perspective and without ever compromising our values, our dedication to the general interest and our model.

To learn more about our commitments and strategy, read our Mazars group 2020/2021 transparency report here.


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