Webinar | What are the lessons learnt from the Covid-19 impact on ECL of banks in Europe?

Watch the replay of our webinar with Mazars experts for a preview of our new report on the key takeaways from the Covid-19 impact on Expected Credit Losses (ECL) and how they are helping banks in Europe respond to the current war in Ukraine.

During this virtual session, Mazars experts will present the analysis of the 2021 annual reports of 26 largest banks in 11 countries published until 1 April 2022, mainly focusing on ECL-related impacts. 

The conversation was around:  

  • ECL charge impact of YE 2021 on the profit or loss and ECL allowances;
  • ECL allowances: changes in coverage ratios and allocation between stages;
  • Post-model adjustments/overlays;
  • Other topics, incl. Non-Performing loans, Green finance disclosures, significant increase in credit risk (SICR) criteria analysis and first review of banks’ exposure to the war in Ukraine and more.