Beyond the GAAP no. 107 - January 2017

After a pause of several months, the IASB has started the year by presenting its annual improvements in a short exposure draft, with the next consultations expected as of April. It is also continuing to offer support on new standards, publishing an article on IFRS 16 – Leases, noting in passing that there are some decisions to be taken and judgments to be made, and urging entities not to delay the launch of their transition process.

For its part, ESMA has published extracts from its enforcement database for the 20th time, bringing the number of decisions published up to a total of 223 over a little more than a decade.

This month’s special study takes a look at the recent work from the IFRS Interpretations Committee on foreign currency transactions and advance consideration, to enable our readers to get to grips with any changes that will apply to them.


Beyond the GAAP No. 107 - January 2017
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