Bu Gençlikte İş Var! The Entrepreneurship Camp Begins!

We are proud to have been the Golden Sponsor of TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İş Var! for the last three years. Started as a business idea competition in 2011, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İş Var! has been revamped with entrepreneur reflexes and rebuilt according to needs of the youth.

After incorporating the Entrepreneurship Camp in the 2015-16 term and TÜSİAD Entrepreneurship Club in the 2017 term, TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İş Var! was transformed into an entrepreneurship programme offering full support to young entrepreneurship as of the 2018-19 term and received applications from 81 cities (76 domestic) and 178 universities in total.

  Main objectives of the programme:

  • Raising awareness and boost competence regarding entrepreneurship throughout Turkey;
  • Encouraging innovative spirit in all segments of the society, particularly the youth, and presenting entrepreneurship as a career alternative,
  • Contributing to the multicentric development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

 For more information on the TÜSİAD Bu Gençlikte İş Var!, of which we are the Golden Sponsor, you can visit http://www.bugenclikteisvar.com/