The primary goal of our 2016 report was to raise awareness on the issue of sustainability.

For that purpose, we created a concept using the Nautilus, one of the oldest existant species on earth, alongside the golden ratio hidden in the Fibonacci sequence.

For our 2017 report, we selected bioluminescent organisms as our main concept to remind that awareness levies a responsibility of to enlighten those around us.

In our 2018 report, we wanted to draw attention to the necessity that the responsibility of awareness must drive all organizations into action through an integrated approach and without delay. And while doing so, we wanted to display the rich diversity of colors in nature by showcasing a collection of bird species native and migrating to Turkey.

Accordingly, one of the key actions of the year 2018 for Mazars Denge was the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard methodology, which has led all offices to adopt a four-faceted performance card that focuses on responsible revenues, processes, customer relations, and employee development & learning organization. Based on the principle of balancing the organization’s revenues with its social and environmental impact, this approach has made it possible to take into account parameters other than simple financials.

Mazars Denge is fully aware of the tremendous impact of environmental disasters caused by global climate change on social issues targeted in Sustainable

Development Goals, such as poverty, hunger, health, sanitation, inequality, peace, and justice. According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO) data, average global temperature in 2018 was the fourth highest on record.

In its 2018 report, UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) urged nations to take action for protecting forests and forest wildlife, based on the fact that the world’s forests, which absorb around 2 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide every year, are disappearing with each passing day.

According to World Wildlife Foundation (WWF), as of 2018, 18 animal species are classified as critically endangered,

and a further 29 are endangered.

Mazars Denge chose birds as the main theme of its 2018 report to stress the need to act now on behalf of all silent stakeholders residing in our world that bear the brunt of humanity’s harmful patterns of behavior such as short-term thinking, growth-oriented action, maximizing self-interest, using money as the sole means of measurement, and an economic model that  is based on extreme competition and consumption.