Supporting clients to develop cutting-edge models and insightful analyses that deliver tangible business impact.

We assist our clients in building up their capability in data analytics and, more importantly, their ability to leverage tools and know-how to derive essential insights into their business, customer behaviors and customer preferences.

We help bridge the gap between the technical and business stakeholders in the organisation, enabling analytical insights to deliver quantifiable impact or tangible economic uplift. We have worked with clients across a broad spectrum of areas ranging from the technical to the strategic, including:

  • Organisational transformation: building an analytics-driven culture, setting up of centre(s) of excellence and key enablers e.g. roles and responsibilities, performance tracking framework
  • Talent development roadmap and growth plan
  • Build of data analytics models and tools across a broad range of applications and businesses, leveraging machine learning / AI techniques, such as customer behavioural prediction models, integrated risk and marketing models, etc.
  • Development of specific business applications leveraging data analytics models, e.g. customer targeting and pricing tools, performance evaluation tools, customer value management
  • Design and execution of analytics-driven marketing campaigns / ‘test and learn’
  • Data governance framework and policies


CS - Data Governance
CS - Data Analytics