Sustainability report 2022

For the 2022 reporting year, partnerships between governments, private and public bodies bring our goals closer to achievement. When we work together towards the same goals, we have the power to achieve them all. Sharing goals means sharing a vision. Our theme for the year under review is; Partnership for goals.

Our theme for this year's report is 'Partnership for the goals'. This report seeks to illustrate our progress in the effective management of our material topics and our effort in achieving our sustainability objectives through our people, including our contributions in communities in which we operate, demonstrating our active citizenship.

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"Our theme for this year's sustainability is 'Partnership for the Goals' and it affords us a practical dimension in extending our influence. We live out our values through intentional impact, focussed on youth development and playing our part in reducing youth unemployment, one candidate at a time" 

Anoop Ninan, Country Managing Partner in South Africa