Mazars believes that auditing plays a key role in building the economic foundation of a fair and prosperous world. Auditing is and remains our core business. Our audit mission, motivated by a concern to help our clients and their stakeholders develop sustainable businesses, works in the public interest and for the benefit of society as a whole.

Mazars is a recognized name in the markets, committed to serving your business, whatever its size. We develop our expertise in all sectors. Whatever your business, our teams of auditors will adapt their approach and audit tools to your specific needs.

Assessing the regularity and fairness of your accounts

Regardless of regulatory changes, auditing remains a mission of trust carried out within an irreproachable ethical framework. It requires :

  • The relevance of an audit approach focused on the essentials
  • The most advanced sectoral skills
  • A mastery of the organization and control systems
  • The ability to pragmatically analyze the most complex accounting treatments in their economic context
  • Fluid communication with the company's interlocutors and its governance bodies

We implement work tools to ensure an approach that integrates all phases of the audit process from the acceptance of the mission to the issuance of the opinion, and ensures the planning of work, the performance of tests, the analysis of risks and the documentation of work.

Our approach is based on a continuous improvement cycle that reduces audit risk, integrates new developments and increases the efficiency and added value of our assignments.