Sectors of Activity

Mazars in Tunisia has a specialized know-how and an extensive experience in the following sectors:

Public sector

In Tunisia, the public sector witnesses many changes driven by the desire to improve the quality of the services offered to their clients while laying the emphasis of the governance culture.

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Financial Institutions and insurances business

Confronted to new obligations as regards the information to produce and the control of the risks (Basle II) and to the evolution of the countable reference frames standards IAS / IFRS, US standards GAAP, the activity of the financial institutions during year 2007 was marked by the crisis of the extra premiums and by the operations carried out by some agents in violation of prudential standards which have severely affected the results of these institutions.

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Service sector

Faced with the vicissitudes of the economy, companies must show great adaptability in order to anticipate regulatory, social and environmental changes, and to rationalize the costs of their services.

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The increase of prices of the Raw materials (court of the crude, of gold...) is not without incidence on the performances of the industrial companies. Indeed, being large consumers of these materials, these companies face the increase in their running costs on a side and with a sharp competition, sometimes unfair, on the other.

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