Helping our clients deliver superior financial results.

We help our clients accurately measure, manage and improve profitability within their businesses. 

Our profitability measurement services focus on building models that can accurately measure profitability down to an individual and account level and predict how these metrics will change over time. Examples include:

  • Account level profitability models
  • Transaction level profitability assessments
  • Product NPV models
  • Customer Lifetime Value models

Our profitability management services focus on helping clients to improve their internal capabilities and understanding of profitability issues. Examples include:

  • Specialist training and workshops
  • Project partnering and co-development
  • Knowledge transfer 

Our profitability improvement services focus on delivering tangible benefits to our clients’ P&L. We work across strategic and tactical perspectives and are particularly proficient in delivering in-year gains through our proprietary Profit Enhancement methodology where we often link our fees to the results we deliver to our clients. Examples include:

  • Fee tariff reviews
  • Product portfolio reviews
  • Revenue assurance / Revenue leakage assessments
  • Revenue optimization exercises
  • Loyalty cost optimization
  • Card scheme fee reviews 


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