Forvis Mazars in Tanzania

Forvis Mazars in Tanzania is a tax consultancy and auditing services enterprise in Tanzania that offers value based solutions to its clients. The firm is registered with the National Board of Accountants and Auditors of Tanzania and the Bank of Tanzania and thus complies with the professional regulatory framework of Tanzania to offer professional auditing services and tax consultancy in Tanzania to clients.

The firm is approved by the Central Bank of Tanzania to perform audits of the banks and other financial institutions, and by the World Bank to perform audits of World Bank’s financed projects, and by the USAID to perform audit of USAID financed projects. It is also approved by WWF to conduct the audits of its projects.

The firm works with the office of Controller and Auditor General (CAG) to perform audits of the public entities and other bodies.

On September 2014, it became the correspondent of Mazars and on 1st January 2017 it fully integrated with Mazars. The firm re-banded its name from Wiscon Associates” to Mazars Wiscon Associates and further to Mazars in Tanzania. 

Our integration with Mazars will continue to enable our firm to provide high quality professional audit, tax, accounting, and advisory services, both at local and at international levels. The services we provide will be unaffected as we continue to deliver the personalized partner-led services for which we have always been known. We believe that our integration with Mazars will further enhance the services we are able to offer our clients.


Mazars in Tanzania mission is to achieve sustainable high performance in the domain of end to end corporate financial consulting services by enabling clients to move up the value curve.


Mazars in Tanzania is focused on being a leading tax and audit services provider in Tanzania by instituting transparency, accountability and integrity in all transactions with clients, employees and the business community of Tanzania. The firm aims to streamlines process and procedures of business enterprises to improve efficiency and uphold values of corporate citizenship, transparency, accountability and integrity in keeping with the business regulatory framework of Tanzania.