Financial advisory services

Mazars in Uzbekistan dedicates a team of specialists in transactions to assist you in your investment and financing projects through buy-side or sell-side due diligence, independent business review, post-transaction assistance.


Our approach and team are tailored to the specific needs of each deal, based on technical excellence and experience:

  • Responsiveness: Our dedicated team works at the fast pace of deals, providing timely communication focused on key risks and potential adjustments to the purchase price.
  • Solutions tailored to your needs: We listen to our clients and tailor our approach and deliverable to the specific needs of each deal.
  • Mid-market experience: We understand the specificities of the middle market, which often, due to limited resources, requires a more hands-on approach to the process. Our experience in the middle market enables us to meet clients’ needs by developing both operational and financial reporting recommendations that add real value to both the target and the investor.
  • We understand the specificities of the Uzbek market and are experienced in presenting them to foreign investors.

 Our experienced team will help you to:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the target and its business model with a deep analysis of the target’s historical performance (quality of earnings, working capital, cash flow, etc.).
  • Perform a critical analysis of the target’s business plan and its underlying assumptions.
  • Identify potential deal breakers or key risks relating to the target business and the transaction.
  • Evaluate the terms of the deal with an analysis of the financial drivers that directly impact the purchase price.
  • Identify the optimal tax structure of the deal.
  • Assist in drafting the financial implications of the purchase agreement, and assess their implementation post-acquisition.
  • Identify improvements to internal controls, systems and personnel organisation.


Buy-side due diligence:

Analysing the financial and tax information
 Analysing historical profitability
 Ensuring reliability of forecasts
 Identifying the necessary guarantees and securing the financial terms of contracts


Early-stage identification of risk areas in the framework of an envisioned sale
 Accelerating and securing the sale process
 Producing high-quality financial information
 Securing the financial terms of contracts


Advising during the final determination of the price
 Implementing guarantees
 Assisting in case of disputes


Operational restructuring
 Financial restructuring
 Working capital management

Independent Business Review:

Overview of the company's activities (markets, products, facilities, management etc)
 Understanding the key reasons in case of financial underperformance
 Assessment of the current financial strength of the business and its future financial prospects
 Reviewing the short- and long-term cash flow forecasts and providing feedbacks on the relevant sensitivities


Your company may be confronted to potential cases of fraud, theft, misstatements, or conflict. Our team can assist you in reviewing the circumstances of each case and gathering the documentation required to support your claim.


Our Uzbek team works with our valuation team in Paris to provide assistance with:

  • Forecast of financial effects in case of business restructuring
  • Asset value determination in case of business restructuring or price allocation in case of acquisition
  • Analysing overheads and profits
  • Analysing past operational performances and forecast future financial results,
  • Calculation of discount rates and multiples
  • Testing the accuracy and sensitivity of business models