Corporate Tax

Structuring companies so they benefit from high operational performance and legal protection, whilst ensuring that they don’t pay more tax than is necessary, provides the foundation for many a successful business. And as you grow you must be certain that expansion will not be hampered by unforeseen liabilities.

With vast experience in advising and helping to build companies of all sizes, from start-ups to multinational groups, our tax experts will help you through the maze of tax law to devise a solid base for operations today, yet keep an eye on the challenges you will face tomorrow.


Corporate tax services include:

  • Business transactions, mergers, acquisitions, MBOs and exit planning
  • Property
  • Planning and due diligence
  • Maximising tax relief on research and development
  • Pensions
  • Partnership / profit sharing
  • Methods of profit extraction, including dividend policy
  • Joint Ventures
  • Business / incorporation
  • Corporate tax self-assessment
  • Compliance with BURS requirements