Creating Shared Value(s): Mazars publishes its 2017-2018 Annual Report

With our 2018 Yearbook, part of our 2017-2018 Group Annual Report, we take a step back and reflect on our international development and growth.

We also dive into who we are, our history and values, taking this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to being #MazarsForGood – that is a global citizen devoted to having a positive impact on the world and communities in which we operate. 

We are dedicated to contributing to society in the best possible way, whether through providing quality services to our clients to help them achieve sustainable growth, enabling our talented people to reach their highest potential, or contributing to the public debate with positive insights for the future.

Our 2018 Annual Report comprises two distinct documents: our 2018 Yearbook and our 2017-2018 Financial Statements. Regarding the latter, we have been publishing our consolidated accounts since 2005, jointly audited and under IFRS, because we seek to apply to ourselves the same discipline that is expected from our clients.

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In 2017/2018, our global revenues were up 8.7%, and now exceed 1.6bn euros, with all service lines and continents contributing to our progress. We see this as proof that our model, our values, and our development strategy are robust, reliable and relevant. We also consider this as evidence of the technical excellence of our people and of the high quality services we provide to our clients, SMEs and large organisations alike, all over the world.

In the last two years, we underwent a smooth leadership transition phase. A seamless handover was required by Mazars’ size and evolution, and we are proud to say it has been not only an enjoyable but also an effective journey. In December 2018, we announced the effective transition of Hervé Hélias to the role of Global Chairman of the Board. Hervé Hélias was appointed Group CEO in 2016 and is now succeeding Philippe Castagnac, who successfully held the position of Chairman for the past seven years and the position of Group CEO from 2011 to 2016.

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Nurturing growth

Our entire history is one of continuous development, but we do not see growth as an end in itself. Rather, our priority is about helping our clients grow, as well as contributing to a healthier, better functioning business community. By nurturing our growth and that of those we serve, we aim to create sustainable shared value for all.


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Staying ahead

Forward looking organisations are the ones that will succeed. In all aspects of our business, we believe innovation and the ability to transform are going to be key differentiators. Whether we think about technology, talent management or thought leadership, we want to get and stay one step ahead to better serve all of our stakeholders.

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Please download below:

  • Our 2017-2018 Financial Statements, jointly audited and under IFRS.
  • Our 2019 Leaflet “Mazars at a Glance” where you will find in a nutshell our key facts and figures as of 1 January 2019.
  • Our 2018 Yearbook “Creating Shared Value(s)”.


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