Mazars is one of Indonesia’s Best Companies to Work For

Mazars in Indonesia is delighted to announce that we are one of the companies in Indonesia to receive the HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in Asia award. This award honors organizations that have been named by their employees as one of Asia’s employers of choice and ascertains the best employers to work for. 46 companies in Indonesia received this award in 2021, Mazars in Indonesia being proudly one of them.

This year, HR Asia, the region’s most authoritative publication for senior human resource professionals, named Mazars in Indonesia as one of the winners of “Best Companies to Work for in Asia”. This award is the largest in Asia, with over 15,280 employees from 250 companies in Indonesia getting involved. The nominees were rated by their employees using the Total Engagement Assessment Model (TEAM), HR Asia’s proprietary employee engagement survey. The TEAM in-depth survey gives businesses a 360-degree view of their employees' morale, needs, and expectations, as well as their levels of engagement.

HR Asia’s Best Companies to Work for in Asia Awards span 12 markets across the region including mainland China, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam, making it the largest survey in the region for employee engagement.

“At HR Asia, we take pride in our role to recognize the best companies to work for in Asia and applaud their tremendous effort in prioritizing employee engagement and workplace excellence. With Indonesia gradually recovering from the pandemic, the focus on employee engagement continues to be of the utmost importance for business survival. Business leaders must continue to show empathy and care for their employees, as we go through this unprecedented pandemic,” said William Ng, group publisher and editor-in-chief of Business Media International, publisher of HR Asia.

At Mazars, we believe that our people are the ones who determine our success. Receiving this prestigious award from HR Asia for the first time is an honor for our firm, and this achievement could not have been achieved without the support of our Mazarians. This is only the beginning for us, and we will continue to provide the best work environment for our people.

“Today I am very proud that Mazars in Indonesia is acknowledged as one of the best companies to work for in Indonesia in 2021 and the recipient of the HR Asia award for the first time. At Mazars we care deeply for the success of our people and are committed to demonstrating care and empathy and promoting their wellbeing. In this difficult time of pandemic, where relationships at work faced challenges and needed to be re-invented, being acknowledged by our Mazarians as one of the best companies to work for in Indonesia means a lot to us. Thank you Mazarians, this award belongs for you and rest ensured that we will continue to promote a world-class working environment at Mazars.”, said Sebastien Gautier, the Managing Partner of Mazars in Indonesia.

Check out the full speech by Sebastien Gautier below: