Leahlyn Afan Director, Outsourcing

Leahlyn Afan

Leahlyn has over 14 years of experience in outsourcing and audit services for a number of significant clients operating in Indonesia. Her portfolio spans across a broad range of industries such as telecommunication, energy (power supply), manufacturing and merchandizing, freight forwarding, services (marine, oil and gas, and on-line shopping), securities broker, construction, mining, and transportation.

Leahlyn’s areas of expertise include accounting and reporting according to Indonesian Financial Accounting Standards, withholding taxes, VAT and general tax compliance in Indonesia as well as personal income tax, BPJS Social Security and Health, and DPLK. She was also involved in several financial due diligence projects, as well as in 144a and Regulation-S offerings of entities in Indonesia.

Leahlyn is a member of the Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants (PICPA).