Mazars Deals Advisory in Asia Pacific 2022 Highlights

Asia Pacific (APAC) is an important driver of the global economy. For businesses looking to expand and invest overseas, the region offers attractive and immense opportunities for growth.

Today, expectations around businesses go beyond financial performance where sustainability is no longer an afterthought. Business leaders face mounting pressure to change the way we grow. While technology and innovation continue to shape business operations, we have only just scratched the surface in harnessing their full potential.

As the global economy shifts its focus to the east, businesses around the world are recalibrating their strategies to capture the potential presented in the region.

APAC presents unique strengths and difficulties: it is incredibly diverse with wide cultural differences in each country and varying levels of political maturity, governmental regulations and technological infrastructure.

A successful business transaction demands the right strategies and capabilities. Understanding the diverse market is key to navigating this complex landscape to drive the value of the deal.

The ‘Mazars Deals Advisory in Asia Pacific 2022 Highlights’ showcases exciting deals in 2022. It covers 12 markets: Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Vietnam.

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Mazars APAC Deal Advisory Highlights 2022

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