Initial Company Set-up

A reliable companion for your new business journey

Setting up accounting in the initial stage of a company needs to be done accurate and requires knowledge of local regulatory. It can be hard to find an expert to do this task as an internal employee. Using the resources available to you to set up the right environment from the beginning is important for your business to succeed.

Our approach

At Forvis Mazars, we have the knowledge and experience to help you with various initial set-ups. We can meet the different needs of clients and provide services that fit client size and situation.

Our accounting experts not only understand local accounting regulatory  well but also make sure tasks are completed effectively. You can rely on Forvis Mazars to support you through the process of starting your business, making sure everything is set up smoothly.

Our Services

We provide a no-charge consultation on what you'll need to meet requirements for both Korea and your head office. And then if you need we will be ready to set you up including:

  • Establishment of information exchange forms for monthly bookkeeping
  • Instituting the accounting system with the preparation of a standard chart of accounts with applications for both Korean tax purpose and head office reporting
  • Setting up the books and financial report package
  • Training your company personnel on running the accounting system