International tax

Providing clarity in the tangled world of global taxation

International tax is approaching a moment of once-in-a-generation change as proposals for more coordinated global corporate taxation come closer to reality. Our worldwide presence allows us to give strategic advice on such long-term issues, as well as helping to navigate today’s complex tax rulebooks.


Our approach

Companies that operate across borders or have a presence in multiple jurisdictions know that complying with local tax laws, and meeting reporting requirements, is a resource-intensive task. It demands local market expertise from trained professionals. 

Our global network is ideally suited to serve large multinationals and global-minded mid-sized companies who need on the ground expertise in multiple jurisdictions. However, we also have substantial expertise helping fast growing companies who need a tax efficient structure for their first international expansion. The network means we have a clear view not only of the global trend but an on the ground view of disruptive, single country initiatives such as national taxes on digital services.

We have a particular focus on corporate structures. Whether it’s the effects of Brexit, US tax reform or changes triggered by the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) action plan, the risk of tax nexus is a growing and constant concern for businesses. We can help on issues such as international tax transparency. Navigating such an ever-evolving business environment increasingly requires an integrated, global approach with access to coordinated advice that can support your strategy and business decisions for the long term.


Our services

  • Full-service international corporate tax advice including:  
    • Corporate structuring
    • Corporate transactions including M&A and IPOs
    • Global tax credits and incentives
  • VAT and indirect taxes
  • Transfer pricing
  • Risk analysis on global initiatives such as the OECD’s BEPS
  • Compliance assistance including help building strong internal teams

Our tools and solutions

Our international tax network creates a wide range of innovative and bespoke tools and solutions to support our tax clients. 

Our experts