International Services

International trade can be difficult without the essential expertise and connections required to secure the best outcome. Being a global company, Forvis Mazars has access to a broad network of partners and experts who are able to assist you capitalise on multinational projects, to ensure our clients succeed.

Forvis Mazars International Desks in Korea provides you with a unique access to overseas markets in Asia, Europe, North America and South America. We can assist you with all international trade and investments.

Korean desk

Forvis Mazars' Korean desk supports your business in Korea and abroad.

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International Desks in Korea

“We have created various International Desks to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. These international desks include partners and senior managers who are familiar with the country’s regulatory regimes, specialised needs and who can communicate in with our clients in their own language. They work in close collaboration with our Forvis Mazars’ offices locating in that particular country to ensure a seamless client experience." - Denis Usher, Managing Partner

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Doing business in Korea 2024

Korea is a prominent country globally, known for its strong presence in industries such as automotive, semiconductors, and shipbuilding.

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