Finance for good

Sustainability has become a leading strategic priority for the financial sector. Climate change, in particular, is widely recognised as a major threat to the stability of the world economy.

Around the globe, investor, stakeholder and customer demands are pushing businesses to pay more attention to ESG factors when it comes to their commercial decisions and overall business strategy. Regulatory initiatives are similarly being adopted worldwide, requiring firms to account for their greenhouse gas emissions and more. One thing is certain: the financial sector needs to play a leading role in helping businesses and economies shape a practical roadmap to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

To help provoke debate, discussion and progress on #FinanceForGood practices, Forvis Mazars is committed to sharing expertise on the adoption of sustainable practices, and partners with industry leaders and think tanks to conduct in-depth research on the state of play of the financial sector. Discover our full, and continually updated, selection of #FinanceForGood insight and perspectives below.