Forensic Technology Services

Support for complex investigations, litigation and disputes

Forensic Technology Services

Forvis Mazars’ Forensic Technology experts provide support with complex investigations, litigation and disputes through collection, processing and review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI). 

During an investigation, whether it is a whistle-blower complaint or suspicion of fraud, risks can arise if large volumes of ESI are not handled correctly. Such risks can cause investigations and legal cases to become unnecessarily intricate, expensive and inefficient.

Forvis Mazars’ global forensic technology services team helps you to manage your investigation seamlessly with a cost-effective and bespoke approach. Whether clients need an end-to-end investigation, a focused review of digital evidence or extra support for in-house investigations, our eDiscovery team can collect, process and review ESI. We provide support across jurisdictions, drawing on local knowledge and a global network of expertise.

Forensic Technology services

What we offer 

Our comprehensive model helps organisations overcome technological challenges in the context of an investigation, covering the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) from data acquisition to processing and reporting.  

Client case study: Investigating fraudulent sales bookings 

Responding to a whistle-blower alert of fraudulent sales bookings before month-end at a SEC-listed company, Mazars assisted an internal investigation run by a law firm by providing data acquisition, filtering and triage, processing, hosting and analysis services. 
We mobilised experts in Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Spain to perform forensic collections of laptops and mobile phones, and acquire email data. The investigation ran across email data of 22 custodians, totalling 1M documents or 250GB. As the internal investigation team had previous experience with another eDiscovery platform, we adapted our layout to visually resemble that platform. The 24/7 availability of the platform played a key role in the success of this time-constrained investigation. 

SEC Investigation 

Forvis Mazars was instructed by the SEC to opine on the value of various intangible assets held by a group of global companies. The work was provided in the context of US and UK regulatory investigations relating to assets which had a reported carrying value of circa $3.6bn. We processed and analysed c. 200,000 documents totalling 400GB of data which had been provided to us by various parties, all hosted within our online platform. 

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