Payroll Services

In an ever changing environment, corporations must keep up with the rapid pace of change and timely adapt to the legal & technological requirements.

At Mazars, we focus our effort towards helping our clients to achieve full regulatory compliance. Taking advantage of our technological infrastructure, we offer a portfolio of services which can effortlessly adapt to your business culture and particular needs as well as the present day requirements.

Our highly professional team with experience to payroll processing from small sized corporations to large ones, across industries and with continuous training will respond with professionalism and confidentiality to every issue related to payroll matters.

The benefits

Improve your performance

  • We ensure your staff are paid on time, every time
  • We reduce administration for key staff allowing them to focus on their core role

Control your business

  • We assure confidentiality as payroll is processed externally
  • We give you access to best in class processes and technology
  • Prompt reply to requests under high pressure

Reduce your costs

  • We reduce the need for recruitment of specialist payroll staff
  • We take away worries about sickness and absenteeism

Reduce your risk

  • Compliance with the current labor and insurance legislation
  • We reduce the need for recruitment of specialist payroll staff

You may contact us to inform you about our full-scale payroll services, from the simple support of your payroll department up to a completely outsourced solution.

Our Service can include:

Payroll Set-Up, Processing & Reporting

Full payroll workflow management for simple and complex types of employment.

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Payroll Forecasting & Budgeting

Calculation of plenty payroll scenarios which are in accordance with company's demands and be useful in your financial planning.

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Obligations to local social security & financial funds

Timely notifications for payment obligations and changes to labor and tax legislation will ensure company's compliance to authorities.

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HR Assistance

Support and administration on daily personnel tasks.

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Benefits Administration

Personnel's benefit administration and consulting support regarding the way of taxing.

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Training & Review of Internal Payroll Management

Consulting support of your in-house payroll via supervision and optimizing your internal procedures.

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