Forensic & Investigation Services

At Mazars we deal with complex investigations and dispute resolution assignments throughout the world and facilitate positive resolutions. This can include determining and documenting relevant facts and events, analysing and concluding upon the impact of the financial information and providing assistance with negotiations.

Our Forensic and Investigation Services team has extensive experience of providing high-quality, timely and cost-effective investigations, advice and expert reports on a wide variety of financial and accountancy matters, including:

Litigation and arbitration – acting as party-appointed or single joint expert or expert advisor in a host of litigation, national and international arbitration (including ICC, ICSID, LCIA) and Alternative Dispute Resolution procedures (including loss of profits claims, contractual disputes, financial reporting disputes, valuations, professional negligence and insurance claims)

Investigations – providing authoritative and impartial advice in investigations and asset recoveries (including fraud investigations, government and regulatory enquiries (including pricing issues), tax investigations and insolvency related investigations).

How can Mazars help you?

Fraud and Financial Investigation

  • Mazars provides professional and impartial advice in investigations and asset recoveries.  The hands on and proactive approach of our partners ensures both a thorough investigation and analysis the clients’ cases to better cater their needs.

Government & Regulatory Compliance Review

  • Mazars has worked extensively with regulators and government bodies in assisting with their enquiries into companies.  Mazars’ experts also have experience in performing compliance review assignments in relation to anti-bribery legislation.

Internal Control Review

  • Mazars works with domestic and international businesses of all sizes, and has assisted listed and private companies to review their systems, policies and procedures.

Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

  • Mazars combines the experience of our international FIS team with their knowledge and understanding of local regulations and legislation.  Mazars’ industry specialists across our global practice assist our clients to trace and recover global assets.

Anti-Money Laundering Investigation and Review

  • Mazars understands and values the importance of providing practical solutions to the anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislations and requirements.  Mazars’ professionals assist its clients to mitigate the risk faced by their organization by carrying out anti-money laundering health checks, compliance reviews and related advisory services.

Expert Witness Reporting and Testimony 

  • Mazars has experience of both criminal and civil trials focusing on forensic consulting and litigation relating to financial issues.  Mazars’ specialists provide expert reports and act as expert witness in court.

Dispute Consulting and Mediation

  • Success is built on genuine expertise.  Mazars always proposes an expert whose experience and expertise is best suited to the circumstances and requirements of the clients’ case.  Mazars’ professionals have an in-depth understanding of the dispute resolution arena and act as mediators in resolving disputes.

Data Analysis and Computer Forensics

  • Mazars offer data analytics using tools to assist in forensic projects.  Our computer forensic services include data collection, data analysis and reporting.