Ineffective VAT management can represent a major cost risk and compliance burden for business. If done correctly it offers very significant opportunities for cash-flow and bottom-line savings. VAT raises many complex and challenging issues for both commercial and non-commercial enterprises. For example, non-recovery of VAT is a significant cost to many businesses.

Forvis Mazars can help you understand domestic and foreign VAT legislation and thus find your optimum business conditions. We help you avoid the risks and seize the opportunities. Our first goal is to create added value for you !

Blending specialist VAT expertise and commercial skills, Forvis Mazars delivers practical solutions, adapted to individual needs. We support our local and international clients across all economic sectors, such as: commercial/ SME, state and public bodies, financial services, international business, real estate and not-for-profit organisations.

Our services include:

  • Application for the Swiss VAT registration (Swiss or foreign company)
  • Tax representation (fiscal representative) for foreign company not established in Switzerland
  • Managing VAT : We examine the challenges that taxpayers face around the world in recovering foreign VAT/GST, managing domestic VAT/GST credits and obtaining customs and excise duty rebates
  • VAT review :  We analyse your business context and identify where potential problems exist. This audit will also determine any operational risks, and our VAT review will ensure you are well prepared for any possible audit by the authorities
  • Assistance with preparation of the document in connection to the VAT audit by the Swiss authorities
  • Representation before authorities : request of ruling, discussion with the SFTA, support during the VAT audits
  • VAT consulting about various topics and agreement
  • VAT compliance : carry out the VAT returns, VAT reconciliation turnover and VAT input
  • Specific VAT services in connection with the real estate : we analyse each building and offer optimal optimisation and avoid the risks
  • Crossborder workflows , optimization for both logistics and cash-flow ;
  • Custom duties and VAT : We analyse and reorganise the flows in order to maximise efficiency

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