Financial audit

Enhancing management oversight and strengthening stakeholder relationships

At Forvis Mazars, we believe audit is critical to the economic foundations of a fair and prosperous world. Audit has been, and remains, a profession at the heart of our business. We work for the public interest and, by caring about the organisations we audit and their stakeholders, help to build sustainable businesses for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our approach 

We work with a broad range of clients, from privately owned businesses, start-ups, public bodies to some of the largest corporations in the world. With specialist teams dedicated to key markets and across all industry sectors, we can provide the expertise you need.

Providing a quality audit means delivering insight, promoting transparency and providing constructive challenge, which leads to enhancing trust in how organisations report to their stakeholders. But it does not stop there: a robust, independent audit contributes to building a dependable control and governance framework to help future-proof the organisations we audit.

We believe audit is first and foremost about people. We focus on building positive, effective relationships that build trust and deliver demonstrable value. Each Forvis Mazars audit is unique. We take the time to understand the business model, culture and ecosystem of the audited company, and consider the needs of its stakeholders, tailoring the audit strategy to the specific risks identified. 

Starting with a careful transition, and then throughout the audit process, we are in constant dialogue with all relevant stakeholders with clear, pragmatic and timely communication. We pride ourselves on our rigour, independence of thought, perseverance and robustness. Supported by the latest technology, global methodology and processes, we provide reliable, objective and insightful judgements and opinions. 

Forvis Mazars keeps developing its audit offering through continuously investing in people, processes, training and technology. Our global audit innovation programme, ‘Reinventing Audit’ enables us to respond to the needs of our clients identified through regular client surveys. 

With this distinctive, human-centric approach, tools and programme, we deliver an augmented audit experience. One that goes beyond just compliance and contributes to the development of sustainable businesses, economies and societies. 

Our tools & solutions 

We empower our auditors with enhanced skills, processes and tools to deliver more consistency, more efficiency, and more value to the market. This is how we ensure consistent and efficient communication, processes and standards across the group in more than 100 countries and create added value. 

We use data analytics in various audit areas such as journal entry testing, revenue recognition, and investments to better understand your business, assess your risks and deliver efficiencies that enable our teams to focus on the issues that really matter.

Our people

We are one, agile, integrated and collaborative team, across sectors, services and geographies. This means we combine specialist local knowledge with the international perspective that comes from being one single firm globally. We bring together the right people, with the right expertise, at the right time to provide seamless delivery. 

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