Fraud alert: be vigilant

Warning scams with sender Forvis Mazars

Beware of fraudsters posing as Forvis Mazars employees to obtain your data. We know of cases where people have been approached by email and by phone, for example, to trigger payments for a confidential transaction. 

This is an attempt of a «CEO fraud scam», namely a fraudulent scheme in which the scammers impersonate Forvis Mazars’ executives’ identities and their email addresses to secure an unlawful gain. 

Forvis Mazars never sends unsolicited information to its customers requesting immediate payment. Unfortunately, however, our company name is misused as the sender of such attempted scams. In reality, these messages come from fraudsters who have falsified the sender's details. We always advise you to be extremely careful with unexpected requests for payment. If in doubt, delete such requests. 

If you, or someone you know, has been targeted by such an attempt of fraud, we would be particularly grateful if you could inform us immediately. 

For more information on the "CEO fraud scam" as well as up-to-date information on malware and phishing emails, dangers on the Internet and how you can protect yourself, please visit the website of the National Cyber Security Centre