Mazars publishes its 2021 Sustainability report: Mazars for good

Mazars, the international audit, tax and advisory firm, launches the third edition of its annual sustainability report, reaffirming its commitment to building the foundations of a fair and prosperous world.

2021 has been a significant year for Mazars in terms of advancing on CSR and sustainability, and the firm remains fully committed to stepping up its efforts to operate more sustainably with an approach that is more data-driven than ever.

Véronique Ryckaert, Mazars Group CSR Sponsor and Group Executive Board member, says: "Ever since its inception, Mazars has always put its cardinal values, responsibility and integrity, at the core of its business. We believe in creating business value while also caring for people, the planet, and society. That is why our governance and the way we operate as a business is deeply influenced by ESG factors.” 

Mazars’ focus has been to strengthen its strategy and refine its action plans relying on valuable data that has helped the firm understand where it stands, determine where it wants to be, and the changes it wants to create. Mazars has strengthened its engagement with its global community of CSR ambassadors to drive and implement its actions locally and progress on its key CSR and sustainability objectives.

The firm will continue to be an advocate for increased choice, fairness and quality in the audit market, while developing sustainability services which meet the growing demand of all responsible players.

Click here to learn more about Mazars’ CSR and sustainability journey or download the report below.