Mazars Reaffirms Commitment to China at 2020 China International Import Expo

Unveils new global brand identity and offers a series of thematic lectures and forums

Mazars, the international audit and advisory firm, is joining the 3rd China International Import Expo (CIIE) as they unveil their new global brand identity. Under the theme “Diversified Innovation and Sustainable Corporate Ecology”, Mazars, first-time CIIE exhibitor, is presenting an event integrating technology, environmental protection, and a genuinely different perspective to the audit and advisory market.  


Recognized for their commitment to building a fair, prosperous and sustainable world, Mazars in China offers nearly 20 professional lectures, forums and other activities touching on topics such as the application of technology and big data in the advisory field, outbound investment in the post-epidemic era, trends and policy interpretation of the advisory industry.


Mazars booth at CIIE

Hervé Hélias, CEO & Chairman of Mazars Group said, “Our presence at this year's CIIE is of great significance to us. The Chinese market is incredibly important to Mazars, so we hope to use this international platform to share our unique perspective and engage with many clients, as well as government or business leaders in the region. This year also marks a key milestone for Mazars as we reveal our new brand identity and positioning. We look forward to bringing to the Chinese market a breadth and depth of high-quality expertise, a global perspective with a personal, local touch, and creating more partnerships with clients of all industries and sizes to help them achieve their ambitions."


New brand identity: Reaffirms commitment to building a fair, prosperous and sustainable world


As an internationally integrated partnership specialising in audit and advisory services, Mazars has rolled out the rebranding in over 90 countries and territories. Marking a key milestone in the firm’s evolution, the rebranding reflects Mazars’ aspiration to bring choice and a different perspective to the audit, tax and advisory market, and reaffirms its commitment to building a fair, prosperous and sustainable world and its long-standing values of integrity, responsibility and accountability.


Mazars is launching the rebranding on the back of steady, balanced growth and successful expansion. Last year, the firm recorded revenues of €1.8 billion (2018/2019 financial year), up 10.4% (excluding Forex impact of +0.2%) compared to the previous year. The increase in revenues in 2018/2019 was supported by a strong 9.0% organic growth. The Asia-Pacific region was particularly strong with the highest growth rate of 22.6% in 2018/2019 and this region now represents approximately 15% of Mazars total revenues. Mazars in China now has more than 5,000 professionals and over 40 offices, serving over 130 large-listed companies, with YoY revenue growth of 19% in 2019.


Dr. Julie Laulusa, Managing Partner of Mazars Mainland China,

delivers a speech at the press conference

Dr. Julie Laulusa, Managing Partner of Mazars Mainland China and winner of the 2020 Shanghai Magnolia Silver Award said, “As an internationally integrated and multicultural partnership, Mazars has been growing over the past 75 years. We have doubled in size over the past ten years and the diversity of our offerings, clients and talents has flourished. Mazars entered the China market in 1997. In 2016, a leading Chinese accounting firm Zhongshen Zhonghuan officially joined the Mazars group. After the combination, Mazars in China has been able to provide more professional services and solutions to the Chinese market. Our new brand identity and positioning will capture our ability to bring both a personal, local touch and the scale of our international firm. We look forward to working with our clients and partners in the Chinese market to create more possibilities in the future.”


Build a sustainable eco system that improves the development of Chinese companies


At this year’s CIIE, another highlight is Mazars presenting nearly 20 forums and lectures during the span of four days. In the format of webinars and onsite meetings, Mazars experts from all over the world will cover topics such as technology and big data, foreign investment, advisory industry trends and policy interpretation.


Among them, focusing on the application of technology and big data in the advisory field, Mazars will present three lectures: Selection and Implementation of ERP in International Companies, Application of Data Analysis in Financial Auditing and Process Virtualization and Optimization: Why Data is the New Silk Road for International Trade. These lectures will discuss how technology and big data enable the development of the advisory industry and help clients achieve greater business success. Mazars experts will explore new opportunities in this space for businesses and the urgency of technological transformation in the era of big data.


In addition, due to the impact of COVID-19, the global investment environment has been dramatically changing. Mazars will discuss the topic of foreign investment for multiple emerging markets including Brazil, Colombia, Australia, Central Asia, Switzerland and other regions. Mazars will also offer expertise on how Chinese enterprises can "Go Global".


Professional team of Mazars in China

"Mazars expects to share forward-looking perspectives and expertise through these topics that keep up with the current times and are closely related to economic and social development. At CIIE, it’s our mission to generate timely discussions inside and outside of our industry,” Dr. Julie LAULUSA said. “This year has been a special year. COVID-19 has brought numerous challenges to the macro economy and to many industries. At the same time, the entire economy is undergoing technological transformation and digitalization. During this transformation, many Chinese companies are facing confusion and challenges, and that’s where Mazars can bring value. We can provide value-added services for more companies to increase their competitive edge and help them achieve further growth.”


Speaking of the future development of the Chinese market, Dr. Julie Laulusa expressed her views: “This year is Mazars' 24th year in China. Over the past 24 years, we have witnessed the dramatic development and transformation of China’s economy. We have also seen the opportunities for continuous development of the market and have observed the Chinese government’s emphasis on the financial industry. In the flow of economic globalization, we aim to always align with China's development strategy, act as the bridge between China and the West, help foreign companies get established in China, help Chinese companies overcome cultural and communication gaps, and support their ambitions of going global.” she said.