Financial Advisory Services

At Forvis Mazars, you get all the necessary advice and support to manage your operational and financial processes and the risks involved.

We adapt our advice to your entity´s size, structure and needs, and take into account your values, strategy, business processes and financial reporting.

We want close cooperation and long-term relationships with our customers. However, it is up to you to decide how much and how long we will be involved.

We provide financial advice in all types of transactions and assistance at e.g. business planning, acquisition/sale, generational change, internal control and risk management, etc.

Below find information about Due Diligence and Next generation.

Due dilligence

Our specialists have extensive experience in performing due diligence services in various industries for buyers as well as sellers. As our team includes collaborating specialists, also across borders, we identify not only the risks but also highlight opportunities and future potential of a business.

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Next generation

When the time comes for the older generation to step aside and let the younger generation take over, a number of questions always arise. In many cases, a family’s entire fortune and passion is invested in the company.

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