Stories 2020. For Good

In 2020 Mazars wants to increase its focus on sustainability, so it naturally becomes part of everyday life.

In collaboration with clients and stakeholders we have gathered good examples of sustainability, which we will present during 2020 on our website. There is a different focus on each story, but what they all have in common is making a difference, and we believe this deserves to be shared.

December - Christmas aid

December is synonymous with Christmas food, gifts and coziness. Unfortunately, Christmas is also a time that is not easy for everyone in our society. Therefore, Christmas is the perfect time to focus on charity and the Salvation Army's annual Christmas aid is of great importance to many people at this time. The December story highlights the organisation's great work.

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November - Experience a different perspective

Since the founding of our firm, caring has always been at the heart of who we are. How we work is as important to us as what we do. In our story for November, we want to focus on this and our launch of our new brand identity.

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October - Responsibility is the key

Having social responsibility in society is essential for a more sustainable future. Not to focus on profit, but on employee well-being. Bornholms Mosteri A/S is a Danish-owned company that focuses on the local community, especially through initiatives for socially marginalised people. This month we focus on their inspiring story.

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September - Sustainability in Turkey

We at Mazars Denmark are full of admiration to see how far our colleagues in Mazars Turkey have come with sustainability reporting. Currently they are finalizing their latest sustainability report, and we want to share with you, this month, what has inspired them on their journey.

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August – Recycling of electronics

Today, we all use electronics to a greater or lesser extent, but how many remember to recycle the materials afterwards? In August, we have chosen to focus on the recycling of electronic equipment, as this is an area where we can all make a difference.

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July – Sustainable Construction

The construction industry is an area with great potential for sustainability, especially in relation to materials used. This month's story we focus on exactly where P. Andersen & Søn Entreprise A/S is the market leader.

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June – Recycling of natural resources

We have chosen to focus the June story on a tangible, measurable and relatable topic for all Danes. Colas business practices mean it is more sustainable to drive on Danish roads.

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May - Thinking out of the box

Many people have had a challenging time in recent weeks. Covid-19 has affected us all in some way.

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April - Together in caring separately

These months, we have a strong focus on ensuring a sustainable health care system. More than ever, we have become aware of what sustainability means.

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March - Diversity in business

As March 8th is International Women’s Day, this month’s sustainability calendar is the perfect opportunity to reflect on how diversity makes business sense for entities in the long term.

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February - Ann Lund Wahlberg

We are all unique! During February, we are focusing on people, especially young girls, who today experience a lot of pressure in society. Ann Lund Wahlberg focuses on this in her new book "Min hemmelige bog / Uniq ArtBook"

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January - Eurest

We are continuously looking for sustainable solutions. In January we want to present the canteen of Eurest at Midtermolen, used by Mazars employees every day, who are always satisfied.

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