Due dilligence

Our specialists have extensive experience in performing due diligence services in various industries for buyers as well as sellers. As our team includes collaborating specialists, also across borders, we identify not only the risks but also highlight opportunities and future potential of a business.

From a buyer's perspective, profound knowledge of the risks and conditions are essential for a valuable ownership. From a seller's perspective an exhaustive analysis before the disposal can help to correct any possible errors and enhance the credibility of the financial reporting. It also provides the ability to clearly highlight the values ​​that exist in the business and make suggestions on how potential risks can be managed. That way it speeds up the sales process and reduces the risk of fall in value over time.
We support you in the due diligence process by addressing a range of areas such as:

  • Identification of potential risks in the business.
  • Analysis of the business revenue and underlying profitability, with the purpose of understanding the financial performance in various business segments.
  • Identification and analysis of the company's underlying profitability and other financial factors that affect the purchase price.
  • Identification of any underlying trends in a normalized result, adjusted for items affecting comparability.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the assumptions that form the basis for future forecast.
  • Analysis of working capital requirements and cash flows and review of balance sheet items and net debt.

Advice on the financial aspects of the share purchase agreement (SPA).