At Mazars, we are more than accountants. We not only present your annual financial statements, but also review your overall financial managment. We will make recommendations to help you improve your accounting processes and the way we do business; we take care off all accounting business processes, comprehensive accounting of your company, tax compliance, the complete analysis and optimization of business performance.

Our outsourcing experts come from a wide range of disciplines, we will build structure a team tailored to suit your needs - whatever the size of your company.

Comprehensive outsourcing services

By outsourcing part of your administrative-accounting work, you can reduce the pressure on your team. If your headcount is insufficient, then there may be delays in the delivery of your accounting/financial information and in the fulfilment of your fiscal and social security obligations. If this is the case, we may help you solve the problems very quickly. We can put a work team at your disposal and help you meet all regulations in force.

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General accounting and bookkeeping

Our professionals develop accounting and financial/accounting reports, enabling compliance with financial reporting requirements within the time required; through: Accounts reporting, KPI reporting, consolidation packages, etc.

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Consolidation activities

Do you need to consolidate your financial data or collect more accurate financial information? In this case, our team of experts can provide you with the know-how required.

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Our payroll team of highly professionals work with accuracy, confidentiality and compliance with all required payroll issues. Our asisttance from the processing stage to the comprehensive support of all operating processes that demand calculating payroll and everithing related to that process. "We work with you" we will assing a professional of our team who will work as an exclusive contact for all of your problems and payroll needs. If you have no experience in managing payroll, this approach will reduce cost and administrative burden of employing experience personnel payroll. Our service not only provides continuity, but a long - term relationship.

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