The legal services offered by Mazars are aimed at both multinational companies and local companies, with the clear objective of helping them to achieve reliability and competitiveness in the development of their activities. Our advice is focused on the needs of your business, helping you to reach your full potential.

Our focus

We work closely with businesses to support their day-to-day legal requirements and provide expert legal advice and legal support.

With a presence in multiple jurisdictions, we provide comprehensive and integrated support in corporate and commercial law, agreements, restructuring, employment law, global compliance, dispute resolution and competition law.

Working as one team, Mazars provides legal advice and guidance that is the result of a collaborative and pragmatic approach. Our legal consulting teams are encouraged to take an entrepreneurial and agile approach to working with clients, allowing them to develop a deeper understanding of your needs, make smarter decisions, and help you unlock value in your business. Our professionals are used to working in teams created to meet the needs of our clients.

Our services are founded on professional principles that create value for our clients. We have a wide capacity of evaluation and understanding of the business, which are the key to providing good advice and high quality solutions.

We respond to the changing environment, constantly monitoring new developments and sharing our knowledge and experience with professionals within the firm, as well as with other reputable experts in our shared profession.

At Mazars, each project is managed under the supervision of a dedicated partner who is available throughout all phases of the project to ensure smooth progress and a successful outcome.

We can offer legal support that covers, among others:

  • Day-to-day legal requirements.
  • Incorporation and liquidation of companies.
  • Assistance in mergers and other company restructurings.
  • Commercial contracts.
  • Legal advice on matters of a commercial or business nature.

Specialty areas

  • Commercial Law
  • Corporate / Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Labor law and social security
  • Legal Compliance

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