For us, outsourcing is above all the ability to provide our clients with tangible and operational answers. Whether short or long term, our assignments are based on a personalized approach which emphasizes dialogue and reflection.

Complementary expertise, diversified assignments
At Forvis Mazars, Outsourcing covers a wide variety of specializations and assignments. You can be asked to diagnose and optimize the accounting services of a high-growth SME. Within a team of accountants, you can perform tax and bookkeeping assignments, reviews, reporting or assist subsidiaries of foreign firms. You can also be in charge of producing consolidated accounts, perform client-based interim accounting assignments or help roll-out IT systems. You can manage payroll for your client or help implement and diagnose their payroll services.

In close cooperation with top managers
Outsourcing isn’t confined to national borders. Some of our clients are international corporations and SMEs which we assist in their cross-border development or when they expand to new markets. Our references include Allianz, eBay, HSBC, Nissan and Pfizer. Our teams are international and multidisciplinary and work in close cooperation with CEOs and board members.