Microfinance Banking Software - MoneyTree

Microfinance is an effective financial service for the poor and low income strata. Forvis Mazars offers ‘MoneyTree’, a Low Cost, Feature Rich Core Banking Solution for Microfinance Institutions. ‘MoneyTree’ is an automated system that provides a wide range of banking operations tailored to automate and manage the daily banking needs of a microfinance institution with a primary focus on parameterization, tiered application structure, database independence, user friendly interface and multi-lingual support.

MoneyTree provides ease of access via its well defined modular structure fortified with enhanced security features. It is a customer centric system, that offers a 360O view of the customer’s profile  through a unique Customer Identification Number. The system offers a variety of features such as flexible and configurable Product Definitions (Deposit and Loans), user-definable Workflows, comprehensive Vault Management, strong controls for Lending, complete Teller Operations, integrated General Ledger and availability of various types of activity and regulatory reports. MoneyTree is built on open-source technology to cater to the microfinance industry’s need for a low cost solution. It is positioned to be a cost-effective and scalable product that can be customized according to the unique needs of microfinance institutions, with unlimited room for expansion.


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