Information Management Portal - Insight

Forvis Mazars in Pakistans, Insight Portal lets you monitor, analyze, and report on the overall quality of your organization's information and productivity.

Forvis Mazars Information Management Solutions provides our customers with a powerful collaboration and organization platform to run their businesses more efficiently. Forvis Mazars has three different Portal Solution offerings to suit your dynamic business needs:

  • Corporate Portal Solutions: Forvis Mazars corporate portal solution helps organizations increase operational efficiency, improve business agility, instill business intelligence, cut costs, and manage risks.
  • Program Management Portal Solutions: Forvis Mazars Program Management Portal solution is an easy-to-use business productivity suite featuring a set of complementary collaborative and business process management tools to monitor project tasks and activities, vendor management, stakeholder communication and overall project execution.
  • Portal Solution for Outsourcing Business: Forvis Mazars Outsourcing Portal solution is specifically designed to cater to organizations that provide Outsourcing Services to various clients in the form of Book-keeping, Payroll Processing or other Specialized Managed Services. The Outsourcing Portal serves as an automated tool used for the exchange of documents between the client and the service provider electronically resulting in a paperless environment while still providing the means of storing documents for legal requirements and compliance.


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