AML Support 

Support in recognizing the risks you are exposed to

Our approach

We understand that money laundering is a global problem and that it is difficult to fight the risks that this area brings. We are ready to help you minimize that risk to an insignificant level, and to prevent you from being exploited for money laundering and terrorist financing purposes by organized criminal groups. The scope of our services is wide, but our approach is always the same.​

We are ready to identify the money laundering and terrorist financing risks you are exposed to.​

We will assist you in reducing the risks of money laundering and financing to an insignificant level, by establishing systems in this area, training employees, developing risk matrices, internal control.​

We will give you advice on how to assess the threats and vulnerabilities of money laundering and terrorist financing you are exposed to.​

Together we will identify suspicious transactions.​

​How we can help

  • System Establishment​
  • Development of internal acts​
  • Assessment of customer risks from ML/TF​
  • Creation of risk matrix​
  • Risk assessment of your legal entity​
  • Employee Training​
  • Internal control of the system​
  • Identifying suspicious transactions​
  • Reporting suspicious transactions to the Money Laundering Prevention Administration​

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