Post-merger integration

At Forvis Mazars in South Africa, we can help you maximise the value of a merger or acquisition through our financial expertise and organisational understanding.

A smooth, reliable integration process is essential to realising the full value of an acquisition or merger. This means having clear objectives and a measurable definition of success. It also means having the right strategy, project governance, people, and targets in place. We help businesses put together pragmatic and efficient approaches focused on value creation and business continuity that leverage the talent of your team.


Our approach

Transactions come with high financial and operational expectations, yet they are highly complex in their execution, and require broad expertise and dedicated resources to plan, stage, and execute integration efforts while leading people through change.

As your daily partner, our team will work with you to develop an ambitious yet realistic integration strategy for you acquisition, to help you move confidently through the life cycle of every deal.

We will construct a tailored integration approach in line with the deal rationale: one that identifies value creation opportunities while outlining the associated challenges and risks. Through clear roadmaps for change and integration, we will help find the fastest, lowest risk route to a successful transition. A transition that allows you and your people to get on with your long-term business objectives.

From due diligence to post-closing integration, our team emphasises collaboration to help you:

  • Develop a strong business case for the acquisition
  • Design and run a reliable Project Management Office to drive decision making, manage all interdependencies and activate your resources
  • Define and track synergies and initiatives to fulfil the business case
  • Design an operating model for the combined businesses
  • Create a change management plan that fosters successful integration
  • Address individual functional challenges across Sales & Marketing, Operations, Finance, HR, and IT.

As a truly integrated firm, we will also quickly deploy specialist teams to support you with the implementation of vital, specialist issues, such as a post-deal tax strategy, legal compliance and IT integration.


Our people

Forvis Mazars has 100+ PMI professionals in our global network, enabling Forvis Mazars to support you on any cross-border transaction.

Our experts