Mike Teuchert National Head of Taxation Services

Mike Teuchert


Mike is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive commercial experience, which includes Project and Corporate Finance, Tax Consulting, and Financial Management.

Mike completed his traineeship with Ernst and Young, Cape Town, in 1987. 

After a period at the South African Revenue Services in Durban, he moved into the commercial field as a Project and Corporate Finance Consultant where he was involved in structured lending finance transactions to the corporate sector.

During this period Mike completed his Post Graduate Higher Diploma in Taxation at the University of Natal.  This was followed by a period at a mechanical engineering firm as their Financial Manager.  In March 1995, he joined Grant Thornton in Cape Town as a Tax Manager and was made partner three years later.  In May 1999, he joined an information technology company as their Chief Financial Officer and re-joined Grant Thornton in 2000.

Mike joined Forvis Mazars as a Tax Partner in August 2012, he serves as a member of the Exco committee at Mazars in South Africa.

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