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A challenging business landscape, disrupted supply chains, and the emergence of new technologies are transforming consumer behavior. Now, more than ever, companies need to anticipate customer decision-making and the factors that influence it. At Forvis Mazars, we work collaboratively with you to understand your reality: your business environment, your markets, your operations, and your goals. With our experience in the consumer sector, we help companies interpret market changes and find solutions that drive business success.

Our approach

The shifting geopolitical landscape is influencing supply chain behavior, while the macroeconomic outlook is affecting how consumers consider spending. These thematic drivers are intrinsically linked to corporate performance. At Forvis Mazars, our approach is focused on helping clients better understand future opportunities and any threats on the horizon. Our goal is to build client trust through a consultative and collaborative approach that enables companies to anticipate behavioral changes and maximize income potential in the services and consumer goods sectors.

To predict future trends and remain relevant, companies dealing directly with consumers need to interpret increasingly complex data sets, meet growing regulatory demands, and manage the sustainability of global sourcing. All this while providing new experiences to customers. We believe that this delicate balancing act can only be achieved by ensuring that all parts of the consumer-facing business are working in harmony. Therefore, our consumer sector teams work closely with our clients to understand their most urgent needs while maintaining a focus on the long-term vision.

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