Corporate social responsibility

Long-term thinking, planning and development to create positive change have always been an integral part of who we are. Our history is one of sustainable and inclusive growth driven by continued stewardship and a commitment to serving the general interest by the very nature of what we do. Above all, we want to uphold that long-term perspective and prepare for a seamless transition to future generations of leaders.

Our purpose

Our ambition is to build a fairer and more prosperous world by supporting the sustainable performance of our clients, caring for our people and local communities, and preserving the environment.

Our strategy

Guided by our core values, we have put sustainability at the heart of our business. As part of our commitment to create value for all our stakeholders, we have built a robust strategy to drive positive change for our people, environment and local communities. This is focused on five key pillars: integrity and responsibility; people; climate and environment; community; and supporting business on their sustainability journey.

1. Integrity and responsibility

This is centred around our code of conduct and the quality of services we deliver to our clients. We recognise our role in contributing to financial markets and aim to do so while staying true to our values. We strive to maintain the highest quality standards, ensuring our clients, investors, markets and regulators have confidence in us to do what is right.

2. People

Putting people at the heart of our development means both increasing the representation of women at all levels of our workforce and transforming our organisation to make it more inclusive for all. We strive to provide our people with an environment that enables them to thrive and achieve their potential.

3. Climate and environment

Our focus on reducing our environmental impact is grounded in our conviction that our world is facing an existential crisis and everyone, individuals and businesses, has a role to play in reducing our impact on the planet. We are currently working to understand our global environmental footprint, so we can develop the necessary actions to reduce it.

4. Community

Community engagement and impact encompasses our work to improve social and economic conditions in communities around the world. We believe in using our skills and expertise to address social challenges and create sustainable positive impact.

5. Supporting businesses on their sustainability journey

We help other organisations on their journey to sustainability, working together on key environmental, social and governance issues that contribute to a stronger and more sustainable economy for tomorrow.

As a responsible organisation that is committed to acting with integrity and transparency, we are also a signatory and active participant in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). We strive to implement the UNGC principles in our work and we publish regular reports on our sustainability performance.

Our strategy and actions are also designed and implemented to contribute directly towards the advancement of eight of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

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Sustainability report 2022
Sustainability report 2021
Sustainability report 2020
Sustainability report 2019

Forvis Mazars Environmental Policy

At Forvis Mazars, we are fully aware of the role we have to play in tackling climate change and preserving the environment by reducing our own footprint. In 2011, Forvis Mazars even reinforced its commitment by becoming a member of the UN Global Compact.


Forvis Mazars Responsible Procurement Policy

The Executive Committee of Forvis Mazars in Switzerland recognises the company’s responsibility on the environment, social and ethical impacts within its supply chain. By incorporating this ambition in our procurement decisions, we intent to increase the capacity for Earth biosphere and human civilisation to co-exist.