In a business world where change is certain, securing the services of a trusted, objective and independent advisor is inevitably required at some point of your business lifecycle.

We can assist clients in the following areas:


We carry out valuations for a wide range of clients, yet our philosophy is the same whether we act for a small family business or a multi-national: analyze and understand the issues, apply a robust methodology, and devote sufficient time to communicating results.

We are well placed to offer all three types of valuation services:

  • Asset or business valuations for the purpose of sale or restructuring.
  • Asset / liability valuations for financial reporting purposes (e.g. impairment of intangibles, purchase price allocation, share option scheme liabilities).
  • Tax valuation services be it for transfer pricing or capital gains tax purposes.   

Transaction Support

Whether you are selling part or all of your business, looking to expand through acquisition or simply in search of additional capital we are keen to listen to your needs and advise you objectively on the do’s and don’ts. We will stay the course from strategy to negotiation and closure of the transaction, aiming for the best possible outcome. We achieve this by bringing together experts from different disciplines as necessary, who work patiently and diligently with only one goal in mind – your best interest.

Creditor Protection & Liquidations

It is an unfortunate fact of life that things don’t always work out according to plan. When this happens, one should better turn for answers to dependable professionals. Our team has multi-year experience in:

  • Business restructuring.
  • Voluntary liquidations.
  • Corporate & personal insolvency.

In such situations time is of the essence. We will gather and assess facts swiftly, draw up an action plan and implement it upon client agreement. Our reputation as fair but steadfast negotiators is aimed at extracting the best possible outcome. If liquidation of the business is nevertheless unavoidable we will ensure that realisation of assets and distribution of proceeds will be carried out seamlessly, besides attending to all outstanding statutory and administrative matters of the company in question.

Internal Audit

We have vast experience in internal audit of financial services organisations (banking, insurance, and investments) and beyond. When it comes to internal audit, experience counts since each organisation is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach rarely delivers the required assurance and at a reasonable cost to the client.

We are well placed to offer all three types of internal audit services:

  • Governance, risk, and internal control audits.
  • Regulatory compliance audits. 
  • Operational performance improvement audits.

The nature of our service will be dictated by your needs alone. It can range from complete outsourcing, to co-sourcing, to periodic quality review of your existing internal audit arrangements.