Responding to higher stakeholder demands

Today’s consumers demand higher standards from retailers – from a human rights perspective as well as an environmental perspective. But upgrading processes and supply chains to meet these standards often proves challenging.

In a diverse, complex and increasingly global market, retailers of all sizes face significant challenges as they seek to mitigate risks and improve performance.

Our ESG consulting team drives improvements through services such as environmental gap analysis, supply chain risk identification, and consultation on circular supply chains. As awareness of social issues grows among consumers, retailers are increasingly seeking to ensure their suppliers’ operations, as well as their own, align with best practices and UN Sustainable Development Goals. We can work with you on human rights impact assessments, human rights audits and external assurance, living wage and gender pay gap assessments, and the drafting of SDG reports.

With our data analytics capability, we can further drive improvements in both environmental and financial performance, combining data science and machine learning with extensive experience in data and insight visualisation.

Along with social and environmental factors, many consumer retailers are ensnared in tax controversies damaging governance ratings. Our tax team helps to mitigate brand damage by analysing risk and ensuring tax minimisation strategies are implemented appropriately.