Global mobility and employment tax

It’s not all about tax and compliance – it’s about enabling you and your people to take on the world.

Growing a business and going global is exciting, but it brings complexity.

Where others see global mobility as a numbers game, we take the time to understand what you are trying to achieve and how your globally mobile staff remain key to your success.

By combining industry-leading cross-functional expertise with strategically placed teams around the world and the best technology on the market, we help you to identify and succeed with your next step, whatever that is.

Our approach

Supporting you to grow globally is about more than just having the right resources in the right geographies.

Our tax, compliance and HR experts are strategically placed around the world to support you where you need it, and we work as part of tight-knit teams who get to know you as a business and your people as individuals. This means that when you have a question, we have the solutions tailored to you and your ambitions.

We work as an integral part of your team and go further to help get your people moving.

Our services 

  • Advising on cross-border employment arrangements
  • Supporting clients with “remote worker” situations and planning
  • Social security optimisation
  • Assisting clients to remain fully compliant with tax, social security, payroll and other in-country requirements
  • Managing immigration risk and supporting our clients with applications
  • Tracking and reporting short-term business visitors
  • Reviewing global mobility and tax equalisation strategy and policy
  • Mobility cost projection
  • Global payroll coordination and reporting

Digital solution

Our expert-led services are supported by AssignmentPro – our assignment management solution that allows you to stay on top of the tax, social security, and immigration compliance obligations of your mobile workforce.

The system links assignees and travellers with Forvis Mazars via a secure portal – accessible via laptop or mobile device - allowing them to complete tasks, upload and share documents, track progress and communicate with their Forvis Mazars contacts all while they are on the go.

Additionally, employer HR or mobility teams can access a portal with data for their entire mobile population, allowing them to:

  • Track progress of key assignee milestones on a real time basis e.g. briefings, tax return filings
  • Notify Forvis Mazars of new or terminating assignments
  • Receive updates on tax and tax equalisation payments or refunds
  • Securely share documents and data for specific employees or for the program as a whole.
  • Monitor for expiry of key documents like A1 certificates or work visas

AssignmentPro gives assignees the confidence that their affairs are being managed in a secure and efficient manner and allows mobility managers to oversee and control their mobile employees’ tax requirements all in one place.

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